Solar Shower Bag

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A great piece of kit for a camping holiday with your friends or family, this solar shower bag will provide up to 40L of warm-hot water to wash with. The water is not for drinking, as this is not a kettle! Simply fill with water and leave in a place where the sun is shining and the solar technology will heat the water up. Make sure you test before plunging into your new outdoor shower, just incase the water is super hot!

1) Rinse bag with a tablespoon of baking power and warm water to cleanse
2) Fill with water and expose to direct sunlight
3) Hang and connect tube handle
4) Test temperate and enjoy!

This shower bag can heat water in excess of 50 celsius / 122 farenheit!

Size: 31*15.5*5 cm
Material: PVC
Weight: 410g
Temperature Range: 15.5 to 40.5 degrees
Capacity: 3.5L