Portable Water Filter

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Effective against 99.9% of bacteria, this water filter has a 0.1micron ultra-filtration membrane with a capacity of 2000 litres without any use of chemicals. Note that this water filter is to be used in moving, renewable or fresh water sources and never in stagnant, human or industrial waste source.

Type: Water Filter
Brand Name: Miniwell
Type : Survival Kit
Filtration Pore Size: 0.1 micron
Filtration Capacity: 2000L
Function: High-volume long-lasting and portable
Flow Rate Capacity: 600ml/minute
Size: 40mm x 136mm
Weight: 40g
Material: ABS, Medical Grade UF and Silicon
Optimal usage: 0-40ºC


- Attaches to a standard 28mm water bottle head, a bucket, a disposable plastic bag and a hydration pack. The device can also be used to drink directly from the water source, but please take care when doing this


- Air bubbles prevent water from flowing freely, so if using the hose, make sure there is no air in hose between container and filter
- Ensure water flow is the same direction as the arrow on the filter
- In preparation for storage, use clean water to through-wash the filter. Cleaning can be done by back-flushing the filter (against the direction of the arrow)
- Choose your water source carefully. Fresh, running water is recommended. Don't use human or industrial waste water 


- This filter will last up to 3 years after first use
- To prolong efficacy, back-flush the filter after use, against the direction of the arrow, with clean water. Soak in a mild vinegar solution to disinfect the filter when you will not be using it for a while, then let it dry and store it in a cool, dry place


1. How often should I back-flush the system?

Depending on how clean or dirty the water source is, the flow rate will generally slow down, signalling that you should clean it thoroughly. To extend the filter life, use the freshest and cleanest water source you can find. If the water is cloudy, wait for the sediment to settle and filter the clearer water.

2. Can I use filtered water to back-flush the filter?

Certainly. Simply collect filtered water into a clean, disposable bottle and flush accordingly.

3. How do I know its time to replace the filter?

When it reaches capacity the filter will block and not allow water to flow. If water flow slows down or isn't passing through effectively, replace the filter.

4. Does the filter work on e.coli and other parasites like giardia and cryptosporidium?

Yes, the filter is capable of filtering 99.9% of bacteria and parasites in water.

5. Does the filter remove unpleasant tastes in water?

No. The filter is designed to remove bacteria and parasites from water, not to change the taste of the water.

6. Does it filter salt water?

No. Dissolved salt will pass through the 0.1 micron membrane. This filter works to clean fresh water of bacteria.