Portable Gas Stove

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One for all you campers - this portable, high quality gas stove is an ideal addition to your camping trip, allowing you to make (world-class) meals and boil your morning coffee simply and safely. The flame is powerful and you can adjust the height of the bracket to maximise cooking time. This will provide the heat, but everything else you are going to need for your camping dinner (a frying pan, some smoked bacon, your favourite coffee mug) is not included!


- The stove has electric ignition
- 3000W power
- Comes with its own box for safe storage
- The gas is not included, and can be sourced from any camping store locally
- Bracket is super strong, so can be set safely without tipping
- The stove comes with a gas tubing to separate gas from flame, easily toggled with fire control valve and safety seals
- The connection is a screw-thread. You will be able to use cylinders but an adaptor will be needed

This is an outdoor camping stove, so please don't use inside of your tent, and allow the equipment to call down before storing!

Disposable: No
Ignition Device: Included
Capacity: 3-5
Usage: Outdoor
Shielding: No wind shield
Usage Condition: Normal weather conditions
Structure: One-Piece
With Fuel or Not: No
Application Method: Manual
Stove Type: Gas Stove
Material: Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminium