Night Vision Digital Scope Monocular

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For those of you on a camping trip who want to take night walks, this night vision monocular may be your next best friend. A high quality product with the following features, please use responsibly and respectfully. Take a look below for more information on Night Vision Devices. 

Your monocular can be used to take photos and videos at day or night, and you'll be surprised with the results. 

- Sensor: Color low light CCD 1/3"
- 40ml lens diameter
- FOV: 5 degree - 3.75 degree
- Diopter adjustment: +/- 0.5D
- Built in LCD display
- Recharge the battery with the DC IN socket
- Up to 1.5hrs runtime without the infrared illuminator and 1hr with
- Even on a moonless night, you'll be able to see everything within the IR illuminator range 
- The infrared isn't noticeable to those viewing you
- Quick transfer of data via a USB lead

Due to the nature of the product, the shipping may be a little longer. Please have patience!

Type: Monocular
Model Number: 5X40 Hunting Night Vision
Effective Visual Distance: 0-200mm
Weight: 0.809KG
Infrared Ray Launcher Type: Single Transmitter
Magnification: 5X optical zoom; 8X digital zoom
Operating Voltage: 3.7V DC
Battery: Rechargeable 14500 lithium battery
Size: 20 x 8.6 x 5.6 cm / 7.87 x 3.39 x 2.2 inches
Objective Lens: 40mm

What is an NVD (Night Vision Device)? Electronically enhanced optical devices to allow the user to see in near-total darkness
Why use an NVD? Night vision allows you to see much more than the beam of a flashlight does. Essentially they amplify light for your eyes in the darkness to allow you to see in almost pitch black conditions. Imagine being able to observe wild animals (carefully) on your safari adventure without causing them to flee
How much light is required for an NVD? This varies between generations, the device's quality, the environment and of course distance. With a Generation-1 NVD with 500x amplification, you will have a clear picture in the darkest night. From 100 feet you will be able to distinguish between animals and recognise humans. Of course, the images won't be as sharp as a daylight photo, but you'll be impressed at what an NVD can accomplish.