Flint Stick / Fire Starter

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Create fire without a lighter, matches, a magnifying glass or two pieces of wood. A flint stick will create sparks that you can shower onto fine tinder to start your fire. Please use responsibly and only make fires in areas where you are allowed to do so. No matter how skilled at bushcraft you are, please follow local laws and keep water handy to douse any flames out of your control. 

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Total Size: 9.7cm x 1cm
Length of Magnesium Rod: 4cm
Colour: Black, Green and Orange


The flint stick essentialy creates intensly hot metal shavings that will aid in igniting tinder. This is done on the angle of use and frictional heat. 

1) Prepare tinder, kindling and fire pit
2) Unscrew striker and rod holder
3) Hold the striker between index finger and thumb and place on the rod
4) Strike downwards towards tinder at around a 45 degree angle
5) When tinder is alight pass onto kindling and keep adding to strengthen the flame

You will know you are striking at the right angle when the striker bites into the rod and you feel the friction. Keep practising and directing the sparks!