80L Superlight Hiking Backpack

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Heavy duty and superlight, this 80L backpack is ideal for those about to head out on a super trek or perhaps a long journey across South Asia. Excellent build quality, sturdy external frame, complete with a rain cover and waterproof feature, this backpack will turn into a trusty travel companion. 

When buying a large backpack it's important to go through the specs and photos to get an understanding of the features it has. This is your all-in-one and is large, meaning that you will probably find it easy to pack alot. Our advice is travel light and pick up things you need on the way - you always need less than you think. 

Gender: Unisex
Material: Nylon
Function: Waterproof
Rain Cover: Yes
Backpacks Type: External Frame
Color: Blue/Black/Green
Size: 35x28x80cm
Support Material: Aluminum Alloy
Capacity: 80L
Features: Move Bracket
With: Rain Cover
Weight: 1.45kg