7W Portable Solar Panel USB Phone Charger

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Instead of taking a power bank on the move, be it a camping trip or safari, an alternative option is to take a solar panel with charger. This can act as a base unit to charge your power bank or phone directly and comes with USB output. This is a thin, compact and lightweight solar panel perfect for long journeys. 

Please note that this is not for tablets, it is for most small electrical devices and phones. 

The handy eyelets make this easy to suspend on your tent or backpack to maximise charge and of course this works best when in direct sunlight. 

Type: Solar Panel
Foldable Solar Panel: Yes
Material: Polycrystalline Silicon
Size: 4cm x 3.3cm x 1cm
Max. Power: 5V-18V to 2A
Number of Panels: 3
Model Number: Universal Solar Panel Charging Regulator
Nominal Capacity: Standard
Capacity: 7W
Voltage: 5.5V
Weight. 315g
Output: 1290mA