Binocular Telescope Monocular Phone Adaptor

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Just as the name suggests - attach your camera to a certain amplification device and take photos you thought were impossible. Please read the following carefully (with the help of the photos) as there are 4 different options, each one perfect for a different device.

CM4 - Telescope or Monocular to phone adapter
CM5 - Lens to phone adapter (fish-eye, macro, telescopic, wide-angle)
CM6 - Binocular, Telescope or Monocular to phone adapter
CM7 - Binocular, Telescope or Monocular to phone adapter

More on each product below

Tips for connecting:
1) Take off your phone case
2) Make sure the phone's back surface is smooth
3) If your smart phone is small, loosen fine adjustment screw and adjust tot he minimum distance before connecting
4) If the rubber sucker is stained or dusty, wash before use for a better connection 

Telescopic eyepiece diameter range: 2.5-4.8cm
Phone stick range: 5.2-10cm
Materials: Aluminium alloy and ABS
Feature: 360 degree rotation
Weight: 106g

Lens hole diameter: 17mm
Sucker diameter: 47mm
Weight: 40g
Material: PVC and Metal
Size: 107x47x37mm
Suitable for lenses with thread diameter of 17mm

Sucker diameter: 47mm
Weight: 94g
Material: PVC and Metal
Size: 149x70x37mm
Suitable for monoculars, binoculars and scopes with eyepiece diameter of between 27-53mm

Weight: 80g
Material: PVC and Metal
Features: 180 degree adjustment