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This week Ohkari interviews Talma at Israel-Best-Trips to know a little more about her concept, the stunning region she is so passionate about and the prolific amount of awesome content on her website.

Be sure to check her website out as well as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram whether you plan to travel to Israel or not. Awesome stuff!

Welcome Talma! Can you tell us a little bit about your concept?

Thank you. I’m happy to tell you about it. My concept is to make it easier for people to plan a visit to Israel. I do so by posting full trip itineraries that contain several optional sites around a certain location. Thus, families of varying ages can choose from among the options those that are most suitable to their interests and tastes. By collecting a few posts, a person can plan a trip to Israel without much effort.

Israel looks to be one of the most vibrant, diverse and magical places on earth. What are the top things that you’d recommend for first-time visitors?

Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv are definitely a must. The first has its unique ancient charm dating back as far as the 4th millennium BCE. Whereas, Tel-Aviv epitomizes what you’d expect from a young vibrant city. The rest depends on your interests. If you want a taste of the desert with impressive archeology, I would recommend you to go to Masada with a stop at the Dead Sea on the way. If you are a diver or just want to end your visit with a resort type of visit, you shouldn’t miss Eilat with it’s wonderful dolphin diving, colored fish and reefs. If you are interested in religious Christian sites, you can make your own crusade to Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee and more. If you prefer lush nature treks with waterfalls you might want to go up north to the Golan Heights. Regardless of where you travel, Israel’s offers the best B&Bs and you should try to enjoy the local hospitality. Despite its size, Israel is diverse and offers a multitude of activities. Everyone can find something to do.

We understand that you value the educational side of travel as well as the leisure side. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

Yes. Although I appreciate just plain fun and family bonding that you have in every trek or adventure park, one can come home from a trip with a greater understanding of the country. Learning about its history, culture and people makes the experience much deeper and enjoyable.

Is there one place in the world you would go back to time and time again?

I would go back to New York time and again because I grew up there. However, I still haven’t seen the whole world so there are a lot of places on my to do list before I go back anywhere.

What do you feel are the five most important travel products someone should bring on a trip to Israel?

That’s easy. Israel is a relatively hot country so a bathing suit, sunglasses and a hat are a must. Also, since most tourists go to visit religious sites, you should prepare a long-sleeved top to put on for reasons of modesty. Finally, don’t forget to bring an international adaptor because although the voltage in Israel is similar to Europe (220 volts), it has a different shaped socket.  

How many trips do you normally take per year?

I’m a local travel blogger and I post on a weekly routine so unless it changes, 52. The trips are usually day trips, but you’ll be surprised at how much I cover.

On trips outside of Israel, what are the important things your travel kit contains?

The important things in my Israeli travel kit are lots of extra socks and under clothes, nice shoes for dining out, a sports outfit, my laptop, mobile phone and kindle.

What can members expect to get from your “Members Only” section?

That’s where the unique offers are. The section contains discounts to products or services that are not part of a common ad campaign. For example, I’ve obtained a 10% discount for my readers for food tours in Israel. The ‘members only’ page contains the discount code.

What advice would you give to other people who are trying to juggle a work / family balance with offering awesome content on a blog?

I think that the best way to balance things is to remind yourself that your persistence adds up. It’s ok to take small steps because they will accumulate. It may just take you a bit more time to achieve your goals.

Thanks Talma! Fancy sharing a few travel secrets for those readers who have Ohkari on their bucket list for 2018?

My pleasure. The secret to a good trip is to plan ahead. Read about the destination and try to find out in advance where you want to go in order to make the most of your trip.

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