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This week Ohkari interviews Talma at Israel-Best-Trips to know a little more about her concept, the stunning region she is so passionate about and the prolific amount of awesome content on her website. Be sure to check her website out as well as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram whether you plan to travel to Israel or not. Awesome stuff! Welcome Talma! Can you tell us a little bit about your concept?Thank you. I’m happy to tell you about it. My concept is to make it easier for people to plan a visit to Israel. I do so by posting full trip...

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Lauren Bath is one of Australia's top Instagram travel influencers. More than this, she is a prolific writer, photographer, educator, speaker and general bastion of the industry. Ohkari had the pleasure of catching up with Lauren about her journey, lifestyle and new things on the horizon. Know more on her Website here, Instagram here, Facebook here and about the awesome Travel Bootcamp here. As what you do is so intertwined into your life’s journey, how do you manage your work / life balance? To be honest I don’t have a work/ life balance and I used to stress out about...

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