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Nainital is a beautiful town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, situated in a serene location amidst the great peaks of the Kumaon Hill range. At over 6,000 feet above sea level, this lakeside resort really strikes you as breath-taking and offers the public a whole host of activities and attractions, least of all being its renowned and spectacular view, and its educational institutions (Nainital has a literacy rate of 86%, over 20% higher than the national average).

Although being founded and more commercially built upon in 1841, the town was tragically destroyed during a landslip in 1880, but was rebuilt accordingly by the British. In this century and the early part of the 20th, the majority of the population of Nainital (originally Naini Tal) was Europeans, with the Indian population working as labourers, or predominantly behind the scenes. Today the majority of people living here are Kumaonies, with Indians from other states forming the minority.

There are rickshaws in the town but the real up-close and personal way of discovering this place is on foot, as it is very pedestrian friendly (hosting many long distance walks for the ramblers), even going as far as to ban vehicles entirely from the town centre so that the public can get a more free and safe approach to the variety of small shops and eating places. Take a boat to the Naini lake, the central point of Nainital which is about 2 miles in circumference, trek to Naini peak or Tiffins Top, see some of the beautiful wildlife and nature, visit some of the Bazaars or artisan workshops, dine in one of the hotels or restaurants and stay in comfort in the range of hotels and resorts Nainital has to offer.

Being very close to Delhi, bus services are frequent, there is a train station nearby and initially, a plane to Delhi will see you in connection with this magnificent place.

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