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It's true, travel will change you. Some years ago there was a huge impetus on the 'transformative' nature of travel, where seeing a new country would have all sorts of effects on your personality, and in essence change who you are. In Ohkari's opinion, this was overtly simplified, and only really communicated correctly in a handful of documentations.

That being said, the reality (scientifically proven at that) of the situation is that travel WILL change you, and for the better. In this post we are going to break down a few ways in which leaving your comfort zone has massive ripple effects on your outlook, character and smooth passage through life. Read on if you are unsure about that one-way flight to Indonesia, or if you think you will be lonely be heading out to Prague alone...

The Social Side

Ohkari advocate traveling alone. Why? Because you meet new people. This part of the blog could easily end here, but we will continue. When you spend some time in a new scenario or culture you make very healthy comparisons on how other people live their lives, and how they tackle challenges, positives and negatives. This allows you to form a new, more holistic understanding of who you are in relation to your own life.

You may meet your new best friend around the corner, or that person you will fall in love with. If you don't leave the comfort of your worn-in slippers, you will never know.

Much of the social side of travel is about openness and tolerance. You will begin to appreciate the uniqueness of every single being on this planet and this will give you a refreshing feeling and a positive outlook. Travel means you essentially learn that your palette is actually infinite, not just 15 colors. This in turn allows you to paint a tapestry you wouldn't have otherwise thought possible.

Remember how you got a little jump when someone liked your latest Instagram post? On your journey the pull of virtual media is going to become more of a background thing, and you will likely not miss it at all, meaning when you do have time to see what your friends are doing back at home, the little jump will be reversed on sending gratification, not receiving it.

Greater Is The Horizon

On meeting so many new people, interacting in different situations and seeing the novelty around our world your horizons will expand. This is not just to do with opportunities popping up all over the place, but more to do with how you visualize and implement. You will become the creator of your own opportunities. You will feel more creative that you have felt for a long time, as living in other cultures does interesting things to your psychological activity. The barrage of virtual information you learned back in your home country starts to become eroded and you see things from new angles, making less judgements and altering your preconceptions (either positive or negative). If anyone has seen Good Will Hunting and watched Robin Williams give a speech on living a moment as opposed to learning about said moment, you will get it.

Things that seemed so important before will have less hold over you, meaning a more considered and mindful reaction to them. Ugly characteristics of friends that bugged you before will change into ways to help that friend and see him/her for what they truly are

Comfort vs. Change

On traveling you are going to smile and think 'why didn't I do this before'. Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn't necessarily mean stepping into an uncomfortable zone. It means change. Change is good. The world is in constant flux and we need to keep moving to keep learning. Change doesn't mean an upheaval of your current situation and a completely new 'you'. Think of it as movement, or sport if you like. If you sit around all day you are probably going to get back ache and want to sit around more because moving kinda hurts. But as soon as you walk around the block and get some fresh air you feel better, right? Then if you push yourself and run a little bit you discover that you are actually pretty good at a certain sport and you feel once again that thrill of competition, comradery and winning. Don't worry - you are not going to look on the past 'you' in shame. It's all a journey, and there isn't a destination.


Traveling is not just going to open new doors, introduce new friendships, allow new loves to appear and widen your skill set. Traveling will make you yourself feel a little different somehow. You will rise to unnecessary things less often. You'll become a better teacher. You will actually be able to remember things and absorb information faster than you thought. You'll be more patient and loving. Most of all, you'll get the bug!


So until the next adventure, live!


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