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A few photos and GIFs on how insanely cool (and sometimes scary) nature can be!!


1. Cordyceps Fungus growing on a spider

This parasite takes over an insect's body and can then control its behavior. One species forces its prey to climb up a plant stem and die, where its spores are then scattered by the wind to infect more insects.


2. Reindeer sheds its velvet

Deer shed their antlers and the velvet that coats them and then regrow a new set every year. (The shedding doesn't cause them any discomfort.) Some athletes take deer velvet supplements as an illicit performance enhancer, as the velvet contains a growth hormone similar to insulin.


3. Underwater "finger of death" freezing its victims



This is  called a brinicle, and it's an underwater icicle of brine. Basically, once they reach the sea floor, they create an expanding cone of ice that freezes to death everything in its path. Yikes!


4. A bald eagle sitting on top of its prey

Although a bald eagle will typically eat fish, they can easily take down prey much larger than this.


5. Wasps build nest around a creepy doll

A distressed wasp releases unique pheromones that alert her colony to join her in stinging her attacker!


6. Fireants make raft...from themselves

Fireant "rafts" can survive for up to three weeks and have 165% more venom inside them than normal fireants


7. A centipede protects her babies


 Most centipedes are carnivorous, feasting on crickets, ants, and other small creatures.


8. Stretched out fox? No, this is real...

This is a maned wolf. But its not a wolf, nor a fox. It comes from the genus Chrysocyon meaning 'golden dog'. Go figure...


9. Spooky lava formations

Not even a little bit photoshopped! Just a right place at the right time moment in which lava empties into the sea and creates a super-strange face....


10. Monsters in the sea!!!

Although this looks like some great squad of squid about to eat up the poor swimmers, its actually a whole bunch of seaweed and a wave...still cool though right?


11. Where waves meet...

A cool effect where waves travelling in different directions meet each other and create a sort of square minecraft map!


12. Spiders run the game...

Spiders turning this tree into their own webbed playground. Anyone want to make a treehouse?


13. The octopus that rules the seas

This beautiful octopus with stunning blue rings might make you want to take a closer look? Don't - it is considered one of the deadliest marine creatures and currently there is no antivenom...


14. The intense power of snakes 

Just on a lunch break. Here we see the insane power of an anaconda constricting, drowning and eating its (not so small) prey


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