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We think travel is amazing.

What's more amazing are the people behind the adventures.

We were lucky enough to interview Elle @theadventurousmum about family travel, one's comfort zone and living in the now.

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1. How would you describe the travel / motherhood lifestyle in a few words?

At first the reality of going abroad with your children is a shock, all of a sudden you can't chill out and do your own thing. There is no more going to an all inclusive and lounging around for two weeks anymore, I think that's why we much prefer our adventures because it keeps us on our toes anyway and kids love that, they thrive off of that. Our days are super long whilst we're away and sometimes it doesn't feel like a holiday, but our meaning of 'holiday' now isn't what it once was and we love how we do it, of course it can be knackering, hard work, tiring but isn't parenting like that at home anyway?! Expect when we get home the only memories we are left with are ones full of enjoyment, love and happiness, we soon forget about the difficult times and it makes it all worth it.

Travelling with our children is incredible, watching them learn and grow up around different environments, people, cultures and food is just beautiful. I also view different countries in a completely different light now I am a parent, I will do things I would never do without children, it broadens your horizon to learn and see more.

2. What are the top places you have visited around the world?

That's a hard question, the world is so big and so different, each and every place has its own special reason why we loved it. Although a couple places stand out for me. We went to Laos and Vietnam with our 16 month old daughter, Laos in particular was so family oriented it was a fantastic destination to take your family. In Vietnam we visited Halong Bay, that was breathtaking and you'll find most places you go companies will do their best to cater for your children.

We also love America. Not for Disney and the usual tourist attractions (yet). But after doing 48 states now {most of them were pre-kids} we have fallen in love with America, the road trips it has to offer are just on another level. We are often told by Americans that we have seen more of their country than they have, there is so much to see and do in America it really is beautiful. Colorado and San Diego especially!

3. Everyone has off days. What advice would you give to someone finding it hard to step out of their comfort zone?

As a mum, I am forever have bad days. Days that I just want to curl up and do nothing but sleep! But you just can't do that, and actually doing nothing all day with kids makes things seem so much harder. So I kick myself up the bum and just go somewhere, I have a huge list of places to go on my phone of local interactive museums that the kids can just absorb everything around them. It makes my job of entertaining them much easier and the day goes so much faster.

It's amazing what cool treasures you'll find around the area that you live. Travelling is also about exploring the area you live, you don't have to travel the other side of the world, there are places on your doorstep! Many museums are either free or a small price and most under 3's are free. I tend to get an annual ticket where possible as that also pushes me to just get out.

As a 'traveller mum', being out of my comfort zone would be something like my kids being tired or not happy whilst we're on a tour or on an airplane, places where they should really be behaving basically. I hate the thought of my children ruining someone else's experience, but at the same time I have always said I wouldn't let having children stop us from doing the things we love. So I just do it, and we will deal with whatever hits us when it comes to it. And 9/10 times it turns out OK! I try and take a chilled out approach to whatever we do, that helps manage expectations!

4. For mothers or fathers who are new to this and think travelling is impossible, what advice would you give?

Just do it. Put yourself out there that first trip, don't put a label on it, keep expectations low and just enjoy it for what it is. You'll realise it's not all that bad and you'll get the bug! Parenting can be SO hard anyway that doing it in a strange country doesn't seem ideal. When your at home you will need to run errands, make appointments, cook, clean and whatever else your week may entail. When you're exploring the world, the only thing you need to focus on is your babies and it all seems so much easier, everyone is always happier.

You also have 100% attention of both parents, no tv, no phones to distract you. I find it WAY more easier to parent whilst we're away than we do at home!

Also, something that kicked us up the bum was free travel before they reach two, we make sure we fit as much in as we can before the £££ start going up! Even now day trips etc is usually under 5's free so it just spurs us on to do more whilst we can afford it.

5. One piece of gear or kit you wish existed?

I LOVE to travel light, my worst nightmare would be to travel with tons of bags filled with stuff you're hardly going to use. I hate to carry more than one bag (if any!) but I am yet to find the bag that can hold my precious camera, phone, purse, and then a few baby bits like nappies and wipes. Also I hate mumsy stuff so I try to keep looking cool! - whatever that is?!

OH! And we have just started getting in to camping to broaden our trips but the thing we hate the most about this is how much fricken room it takes up in the car! So I'd love some suggestions on space saving whilst camping?!

6. Most exhilarating thing you have done?

We've had so many amazing moments together that I could tell you all about some amazing things we've seen and done. However, I have to say the one moment that sticks out for me, is waking everyone up at 4am in a motel at the Grand Canyon village, AZ. We planned to go to a spot that we heard the sunrise was incredible. We (I) got totally spooked by a moose on the road so we didn't go to the spot we had planned. Anyway, there is hardly a bad viewing point at the Grand Canyon so we picked our spot nearby! Got the kids out the car and ready along with our bowls of cereal, milk and fresh juice, we watched the sun slowly rise in to the deep dark depths of the canyon. We laughed, chatted, ate and took lots of photos. My heart was full of warmth and love, I couldn't cherish that moment anymore than we did. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies.











7.How many trips do you take per year?

So we take around 2 big trips a year. And then we'll try and get away for long weekends as much as possible, maybe once a month. Then we will do tons of day trips out here and there throughout the year all the time. Having dogs really gets us out exploring, which we all love.



8. What are the five most important things that you take with you on a journey?

  • So I am yet to find many baby travel accessories that are a must have. But I do love our Phil and teds travel high chair.
  • We also have a real crappy bag that holds all our important stuff like passport, money, tickets etc. Literally the bag is horrible and I think the zip is even broke on it now - but we still use it!
  • My camera is a must! I love documenting my children life, it's probably the MOST important thing to take with us.
  • We always take one blanket and one teddy for each of the kids. Also maybe two or three books. We find this helps bring some comfort where ever they are in the world.
  • Our trusty Tula baby carrier. We wouldn't go anywhere without it. It allows us to be as mobile as we like, saves space and also brings comfort to the kids throughout our travels.

9. How important do you feel travelling is in your children’s upbringing

We never set out to introduce travelling to our children as a must. We never thought much about it to be honest, just always said that we wouldn't stop doing what we loved once we had kids. However, now that we do travel with the kids, I think it's so important to introduce travel with your children, it provide so many qualities I never realised. We hope it will inspire our children to follow their dreams when they are older.

10. Words of inspiration for fellow wanderers?

Make the most out of every opportunity and as cliche as it sounds, you only get one chance at life. We don't know what our future holds and if we'll be able to travel as much as we do at the moment but we make sure we make the most out of our situation in this moment. It would be our dream to travel 24-7, but right now we manage to get away a couple times a year and in between that we create our own adventures, that may be 10 minutes away or 10 hours drive away. Adventure is key for us, the unknown and being able to explore this beautiful world we live in.

See more of @theadventurousmum on her blog and social media! Happy travels!


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