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Paradise on the beach with Ohkari

If you are heading out to a beach you are going to expect sun, sand and sea. Whilst this is true (unless you are going to a pebble beach in Wales), its important to prepare a little in advance to make sure you can enjoy the day to the full and stay cool! This all points towards one thing; a bag. A smartly-stocked beach bag is crucial and below we talk a little bit about what to include and what to leave at home.



  • Speakers - Awesome if you are in a group and want some vibes. When adjusting the volume make sure you are not disturbing other beach-goers, so its advisable not to play "I Want To Be Free" by Queen on a crowded beach (although it would make for a good YouTube video). Try our Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, but don't swim with them!
  • Suncream / Sunscreen - Go to your local store and ask them about the sunscreen they have. If you burn easily then we recommend a minimum factor of spf50.
  • Flipflops
  • Beach towel - Opt for a quick-dry and compact towel plus another large one that you can spread and stretch out on. Try our Mandala Beach Towel and our Quick Dry option that could both work for you.
  • Sunglasses - Cool beach sunglasses are crucial and remember to buy ones with UV protection and polarization.
  • Snacks - One thing to remember, chocolate will melt...
  • Clothing - Cotton and linen are awesome in hot climates and will dry out fast. Remember to respect local customs!
  • Portable Power Bank - The Ohkari Solar Charge Power Bank might be your best friend here
  • Swim-gear with pockets - This is so you can collect shells or cool little rocks when swimming. As we have already said, remember to pay attention to local customs an norms. No nude sunbathing on Varkala Beach in Kerala!
  • Your favourite book - Sit back, relax and read. There might be nothing better than reading on the beach as the sun sets.
  • First Aid Kit - This goes without saying. It is always useful to carry a first aid kit...everywhere. Try the Ohkari First Aid Kit as its compact and light.
  • A whistle - this may sound silly, but if you are at the beach with a group, especially if children are present, a whistle can be a handy way to get people together. Develop a unique whistle melody (nothing too complicated) and make sure everyone knows it.
  • Waterproof bag - If necessary, the Ohkari Waterproof Dry Bag can be very useful as it means you can swim out to that little island inlet with all your gear kept safe and dry on the same note, an Accessories Case could keep all your electronics in once place.


  • Beach Bag. Choose something with space, that is lightweight, brightly coloured (so it doesn't absorb heat) and easy to carry. Here you can see our range of bags, but we recommend the Beach Duffel Bag as it ticks all the boxes.
  • Shade - If there are umbrellas you can rent on the beach, this may make your experience that bit more enjoyable. Nature provides fantastic shade, but be safe when parking up near to cliff edges or under coconut trees.
  • Hydration - We can't overstate this. It is so important to keep drinking water. Thirst is a very bad conductor of dehydration, so think that when you are thirsty, your body is already suffering. Bring big bottles of water, or if there is a fountain then take a Refillable Water Bottle.
  • Writing - Get yourself a notebook or journal and start scribbling. Being in paradise often gives you a calm mind and thus ability to write, draw or plan. Aside from this, writing is a very cathartic thing to do.
  • Camera - You are going to want to take photos at the beach. The light is often wonderful and there is that moment when all is calm and tranquil on the beach but out at sea you can sea an ocean storm. Capture it an show people on Instagram!
  • Underwater - Depending where you are, a snorkel and fins could be perfect to take to the beach as what is under the sea is like a new world. It is also a good incentive to cool off!


  • Be Smart in Crowds - Remember that the beach is for everyone so you are probably going to trample other people's towels and kick up sand if you are tossing a frisbee in a crowded area of the beach.
  • Waste - No one wants to see the beach littered with empty chocolate wrappers or cigarette ends. Show respect and collect all rubbish before leaving.
  • Local Signs and Customs - Pay attention to signs that offer warnings, instructions or signals as the local tourism board know best and have the experience of time. More importantly, every country and region have different sensibilities and cultural norms, so if its important we respect these. If you are in doubt, ask a local or someone at your hotel. Furthermore - warning flags or signs (often colour-coded) are for your own good and could save your life.
  • Animals - Try not to feed animals on the beach, even if you think you are doing your bit in nature's greater eco-system. You are not helping and oftentimes what you are feeding the animal may be harmful to them. Equally, if you are taking your dog to the beach, out of respect for others (and their food), don't let him/her run free.

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