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Hong Kong is a sprawling, chaotic, historically important and stunning metropolis on China's south coast, almost entirely surrounded by the South China Sea. Whilst generally considered a densely populated mega-city, Hong Kong is much more than this, covering almost 3,000 square kilometers and boasting over 200 islands. That makes travel over water as common as travel over land, and gives travelers a wide range of different things to do. This Kit List covers what Ohkari perceives to be the key items that any traveler should take on a trip to Hong Kong.



  • Lightweight, sturdy bag with good zips. If you plan to spend time in the city, there is a HUGE amount of places to visit, things to do and experiences to soak in. This means moving freely without a cumbersome backpack and without the worry of your wallet being stolen from a broken zip. The Ohkari store has several backpacks that could work, including a Duffel Bag, Multifunctional Backpack and an Anti-theft pack.
  • First aid kitA small, compact and light kit can be very useful on traveling in South Asia in general.
  • Cantonese phrase book
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket. The topography of Hong Kong, especially when hiking on one of the many islands, can cause fast-changing weather patterns. Best to be prepared!
  • Travel notebook or journal. This has a permanent place in any Kit List due to the fact that Ohkari always advocate writing as you travel - be it scribbles, notes, poems, observations or stories.
  • Suitable footwear. As you will see below, hiking, cycling and movement are important parts of an experience in Hong Kong. We recommend low-cut trainers or walking shoes with good grip and breathable fabric. This will allow you to walk around the city in peace as well as hike in different terrains if you choose to.
  • Waist pack or travel belt. This is a standard for most journeys, and allows you to keep passport, money and wallet close to your person. It should be well-fitted, light and spacious. Ohkari can recommend our Passport Wallet or Waist Pack.
  • Hat
  • Party shirt. Head to LKF and live it up!
  • Lightweight joggers. Good for a day of constant movement (in warm seasons), train, car and plane rides! Check out the Ohkari joggers or sweatpants.
  • Sunglasses


  • Lantau Island. Originally a fishing village and often called 'the lungs of Hong Kong', Lantau is the largest island in the area and is essentially lots of hills and mountains. Take a little excursion to the Po Lin Monastery and see the huge Tian Tan Buddha
  • Lan Kwai Fong. Take your party shirt, find some friendly people and go to one of the many amazing venues at LKF, a distinct (albeit it major expatriate) party district in the Central area of Hong Kong. 
  • Temple Street Night Market. This famous night market is worth a visit for its interesting, bustling and colorful vibes as well as the barrage of smells you are going to be presented with. We recommended tasting the Bao Zai Fahn (rice cooked in a clay pot).
  • Dim Sum. We recommend the restaurant DimDimSum located in Wan Chai. Its delicious, swift and authentic.
  • Hiking. The dichotomy of Hong Kong is fascinating. Spending some time in one of the most densely populated cities on earth makes you, somewhat unconsciously, define Hong Kong as such. Counter this by taking a short boat trip to one of a hundred islands where after an hour in the stunning landscape, fresh air and profound culture, the chaotic city will seem like a distant memory. Hong Kong is incredibly diverse.
  • History. Hong Kong has had a long and interesting history, so its almost an obligation for any visitor to inform themselves when spending some time in this beautiful place. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History. Enough said.
  • Tai Po. This area used to be a market town and is now one of Hong Kong's 18 districts. We recommend renting a bicycle (simple and cheap) and doing one of the many cycle routes around this area. Unpolluted, authentic and super interesting.
  • Language. Take the time to learn a bit of the local language Cantonese. Simple phrases will allow you to integrate that little bit more into the rhythm of life in Hong Kong, opening new doors to some amazing experiences.

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